Ochaniomelok Primary School, Ngorongoro


The school, located in the Ngorongoro district of Tanzania’s Great Rift Valley, has 550 students. Nine teachers are dedicated to offering the students the best education possible, but the lack of infrastructure, resources and classroom are a challenge.

As a result of climate change, water is an increasingly scarce resource.  An additional rainwater collection system is desperately needed at the school.  Please donate to this worthy project.

Implementing partner:  Kamitei Foundation.

Our Philosophy

Asilia operates in some of the most spectacular wild places in Africa.  Yet they are fragile, under immense pressure, where the needs of both people and wildlife are often juxtaposed.

Empowering both people and places is essential if the habitats, upon which we all depend, are to survive.

We’ve selected a number of reputable and effective local partners as the drivers of these interventions.   These partners tackle the issues of education, community upliftment and wildlife conservation in meaningful ways, getting to the source of the problems rather than treating the symptoms.

Project Donors

December 13 2018
Kathleen Miller
November 26 2018
Terry Sue Hall
December 22 2017
October 23 2017
Leslie Smith
December 29 2016
Donald Brown
November 29 2016
Luke Inglesby
February 12 2019
Safari Pros
September 01 2018
Safari Pros

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