Greater Mara Management Trust, Greater Mara

The Greater Mara Trust is a not-for-profit organization which aims to manage, coordinate, harmonize and strengthen, as one management unit, all functions related to the conservation and land and natural resource uses across the Masai Mara eco-system conservancies for the common good of people, land and wildlife. Your donations would help in all aspects of management of the conservancy, from infrastructure to rangers uniforms and training.

Community: Life stock Improvement Project

Livestock is a critical part of the conservancy landscape. Managing livestock sustainably is key to securing a future for the Mara Conservancies. Livestock governance is a multi-faceted and complex challenge and requires an integrated approach to solve the numerous challenges and achieve the objectives of maintaining cattle numbers at a sustainable level, adding value to all Landowners in terms of per acre return, improving the quality and sale value of cattle on the conservancies, while also allowing for adequate policing and monitoring.

Overnighting within the conservancies in Protective Bomas is another grazing management technique that has been implemented in MNC and has proved very successful. A proposed registration program, to start in early 2019, will allow for control on overall numbers, and ensure improvement inputs benefit only the cattle in the conservancy herds.

Cooperation and understanding between Cattle Owners, Landowners, Tourist Partners and Management is essential in the ultimate success of any Livestock initiative and your donations will help make this process easier and smoother to run.

Implementing partner: Greater Mara Trust

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Conservation: Greater Mara Management

The conservancies in the greater Masai Mara have been established as a partnership between Maasai landowners and tourism operators with the goals of conserving wildlife; maintaining the integrity of land as part of the migratory landscape; establishing a superior tourism product on which tourism flourishes; utilising the land for controlled livestock use; preserving the Maasai culture and benefiting conservancy partners alike.  The conservancies have agreed to collaborate over the conservation management of their conservancies and have registered Greater Mara Trust. The Trust will focus on building its management capacity and core team during the 2018 transition to get fully operational. Donations are used for strategic / capacity building purposes only – once fully up and running the running costs should eventually be covered through other revenue streams.

Implementing partner: Greater Mara Trust

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Our Philosophy

Asilia operates in some of the most spectacular wild places in Africa.  Yet they are fragile, under immense pressure, where the needs of both people and wildlife are often juxtaposed.

Empowering both people and places is essential if the habitats, upon which we all depend, are to survive.

We’ve selected a number of reputable and effective local partners as the drivers of these interventions.   These partners tackle the issues of education, community upliftment and wildlife conservation in meaningful ways, getting to the source of the problems rather than treating the symptoms.

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