Who We Are

AsiliaGiving is a non-profit organisation registered by the Registrar of NGOs to conduct non-profit conservation and community development activities within the United Republic of Tanzania and Republic of Kenya. AsiliaGiving is an online platform that directs funds to our Positive Impact partners and is responsible for the disbursement of funds to Positive Impact partners that have been vetted by us, and are essential to the continued existence of Africa’s wild areas. 

Asilia covers the running costs of the charities, so you are assured that 100%* of your donation goes to the project of your choice. *Less bank charges.

AsiliaGiving’s key objectives are:

  1. To make a positive impact on Africa’s crucial wilderness areas, benefitting people and nature alike
  2. To promote the conservation and protection of wildlife and natural resources, helping crucial wildlife areas to thrive
  3. To make an effective contribution to the education of children in communities surrounding the National Parks we operate in, building a brighter future
  4. Improve the livelihoods of people in the communities through employment, empowering and enriching local communities
  5. Creating awareness and exchange of ideas through seminars that will educate the communities on sustainable tourism, education, and health