Twende Porini, Tanzania

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This is our flagship environmental programme. Every year children are hosted for five days in our camps where they learn about wildlife and the environment. Lessons are interspersed with games and fun activities. The children also improve their leadership skills and self-esteem, while interacting with other cultures boosts their confidence. Watch the video here.

Our Philosophy


Asilia operates in some of the most spectacular wild places in Africa. Yet they are fragile, under immense pressure, where the needs of both people and wildlife are often juxtaposed.

Empowering both people and places is essential if the habitats, upon which we all depend, are to survive.

We’ve selected a number of reputable and effective local partners as the drivers of these interventions. These partners tackle the issues of education, community upliftment and wildlife conservation in meaningful ways, getting to the source of the problems rather than treating the symptoms.

Project Donors

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