Mara Predator Conservation Programme, Greater Mara

Research & Conservation

Right now, Kenya’s predators are in trouble. Our lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas and wild dogs are facing more threats than ever before, such as loss of habitat, an ecosystem under huge pressure and life-threatening conflict with humans.

The KWT Predator Conservation Programme efforts span the three primary areas with robust carnivore populations in Kenya – The Greater Mara; Amboseli/Tsavo, and also Laikipia/Samburu. Your donations will ultimately help to protect and support the predator populations of Kenya, and certainly in the Mara!

$300 can buy a camera for predator monitoring
$10,000 buys three GPS satellite collars for monitoring predators
$25,000 supports hyena conservation in the Maasai Mara for one year

Community Outreach & Education 

in partnership with the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya (WCK). Supported through WCK’s mission to provide conservation education to youths and support wildlife clubs through training, information sharing and advocacy, our Wildlife Clubs are based on the understanding that exposing children to wildlife in an engaging and compelling way will create positive long-term perceptions towards wildlife. Through KWT Wildlife Clubs, the aim is to create and motivate young conservationists to better understand conservation issues and to develop a passion for addressing them in the future generations. The KWT Wild Life Clubs are used to choose the Twende Porini children each year and is instrumental in the continued success of Twende Porini!

 It costs USD 558  to run one Wildlife Club in a school for one year

Implementing partner: The Kenya Wildlife Trust

Partner Camps:

Our Philosophy

Asilia operates in some of the most spectacular wild places in Africa.  Yet they are fragile, under immense pressure, where the needs of both people and wildlife are often juxtaposed.

Empowering both people and places is essential if the habitats, upon which we all depend, are to survive.

We’ve selected a number of reputable and effective local partners as the drivers of these interventions.   These partners tackle the issues of education, community upliftment and wildlife conservation in meaningful ways, getting to the source of the problems rather than treating the symptoms.

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