Maa Trust Beadwork Project, Masai Mara

In Maasai culture, there are few opportunities for women to earn cash. Blending the traditional skills of beading and modern exposure to international tourists, the beadwork project empowers women to make improvements to their lives. Earnings allow women to address their greatest needs at home, which in turn improves the quality of their lives and the lives of their children.

Current priorities are: water tanks to save women walking many miles every day to collect dirty water, gas cylinders to prevent the need to enter conservation areas and cut down trees, solar lighting at home so that they and their children can have productive evenings, and saving their earnings to pay for school fees each term.

Contributions towards the salary of a beading assistant ($200/month) permit 110 women to participate in this project. They aim to expand Maa Beadwork to include 1000 women and their families by the end of 2018!

$200: Monthly salary for a beading assistant, who in turn allows 110 women to participate in Maa Beadwork

Implementing partner: The Maa Trust

Partner Camps:

Our Philosophy

Asilia operates in some of the most spectacular wild places in Africa.  Yet they are fragile, under immense pressure, where the needs of both people and wildlife are often juxtaposed.

Empowering both people and places is essential if the habitats, upon which we all depend, are to survive.

We’ve selected a number of reputable and effective local partners as the drivers of these interventions.   These partners tackle the issues of education, community upliftment and wildlife conservation in meaningful ways, getting to the source of the problems rather than treating the symptoms.

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